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What you need to connect to RAW Epoch Napf PVE server
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Author:  5niper [ Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:53 pm ]
Post subject:  What you need to connect to RAW Epoch Napf PVE server


This server Requires the following Mods:
CUP Terrains Core
CUP Terrains Maps
*Napf v1.21

*A word about Napf v1.21:
There are many places in the Steam Workshop that have Napf Island A3.
None of those are endorsed by the original creator of Napf (MOMO).
Some of those have already been taken down from Steam; and I'm sure
the other will be shut down soon too.

Only authorized copies of this map can be obtained by downloading them through A3 Launcher (
or via the Armaholic Website by using this link:
Scroll down to the bottom of that page, to the link that says "Click to Download Napf Island A3"

If you use A3 Launcher, you pretty much don't have to do anything more, as it downloads the map, uncompresses it,
and puts it where ever you have your ARMA 3 mods.

If you use Armaholic website to download it. You will then need to:
1) uncompress the downloaded file
2) take the folder named "Napf Island A3" from the uncompressed folder, and move it to where you have your ARMA 3 mods.
For most of you, that will be "\Documents\Arma 3\mods\
3) If you use ARMA 3 Launcher (default launcher, not same as A3 Launcher), open Arma 3, click on the MODS tab.
click on Add Local Mod - - -> denoted by a little folder icon, preceeded by a little green "+" sign.
4) point it to where you put the "Napf Island A3" folder.

To play on this server, from the ARMA 3 Launcher, click on the Servers Tab,
Click on the Internet Tab, in the search field type in RAW Epoch Napf, and press enter.
It should show in the server browser. Click the little star to add it to your Favorites.
Press the Join button at the end of the server in the browser list.
It will then tell you which mods you need to play. Click on the big yellow banner that says "Setup Mods and Join".


Author:  RAW Leo [ Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What you need to connect to RAW Epoch Napf PVE server

:) :)

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